This is a postcard of the south side of Main Street in Frisco, Colorado, between Third and Fourth Avenue. A and B Court was owned by Earl and Millie Marsh for years. Millie Marsh had a cafe in the larger building and they rented rooms that were located in the smaller building. In the 1970's the larger cafe building was the Marshes' home and the office for the motel. In later years a two story building was added to the back that connected the motel rooms to the Cafe building that you see here.

The date of this photo is unknown. The photo was taken before 1963 when Dudley's AG Market was built at the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue. Sitting to the right of this building was a two-story building that was the sporting goods store owned and operated by Earl and Mille's son, Butch Marsh. Today, Rainbow Court is at this location on Main Street. The property sits next to Bagali's to the east and the Frisco Hotel to the west.

Information provided by Linda Gilmer Polhemus


My husband, Bob Foote worked there for Millie at the A&B Cafe for $5.00 a day when he was 12 years old until 1964 or 1965 when she closed. - Becky 'Moser' Foote

Millie was the only person in Summit County who could make cream puffs. The altitude made it difficult. - Marka Wellington