Tiny Doors Frisco
Local's Guide

Dillon Drug & Department Store was located in Old Dillon before being relocated to Frisco, Colorado when the dam and reservoir were constructed between 1961 and 1963. The store was relocated to the southside of Main Street between Fifth & Fourth Avenue in Frisco. Later, the store was renamed Frisco Drug & Department Store. Notice the same quonset hut roof is in place today at Colisco in the same location. The Dairy King was located at the current location of The Butterhorn Bakery. Here are some locals who shared memories and reminisced about the good old days.


"My mom worked at the drugstore for years with Edna. I worked at the Sky Vue and so did my cousin Linda. My mom and I both worked at the Corral for Chet Walker. I also worked at the Log Cabin. Boy I was busy" - Ruth Cash Russell

"You sure were busy. I worked with your mom and Edna also." - Jane Ritchey Stauffer

"My mom was working for Pete and Hazel when the Frisco Drug and Department Store was closing it's doors. I was working at Mt View Liquors as the store was called at that time for them as well and continued to work there for the new owners for a time. It was really sad to see the old store all cleaned out." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"I also heard from a local that the quonset hut building originally came from Camp Hale near Leadville. I don't know if that's true, but seems plausible... On a side note, my older siblings Connie Garrels & Mary Turner seemed to remember that Pete's place was originally "Dillon Drug", implying this may have been moved from old Dillon before the dam was built. Also just speculation." - Dave Hertel

"The store was called the Dillon Drug in the town of Dillon and was owned by Fred Grantham at the time the town was moved. In Dillon the front of the store was wood built and the back half of the building was a quonset hut. When Fred moved the store to Frisco he moved only the quonset hut section. It has always been my understanding that the second quonset hut that was added to it came from Camp Hale when it was being torn down, both events were close in time frame. Pete bought the store from Fred Grantham. John and I went with his mom many times to pick up eggs for the store from Pete's brother Wyndell Hertel." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"Wow Linda, you know alot about the Hertel family! My dad was a 1st cousin to Pete (& Wyndell & Don) -- I think that makes me 2nd cousin to Pete. REALLY enjoying making connection to hear local history that I don't know much about (very little) but I've always been very curious to know more." - Dave Hertel

"Great pic & historical perspective. Pete Hertel (my 2nd cousin) was part of the reason my folks vacationed in mtns. in the 60's-70's, which instilled my love of the Rockies at a young age. You can still see this distinctive building on main street, you just have to look a little harder because of the 'new' front that dramatically changed the entrance. My love of Colorado started way young, in part because of Pirate Pete -- a nickname I've heard from the long-time locals " - Dave Hertel

"He had cattle in Colorado. He leased land out by Keystone in the summers and would bring them up from Calhan to graze for the summers. Even leased from Shelly Roush at my Aunt Anna Emore's old place a couple of years. Do remember him going to Nebraska to buy Charolais cattle (the white ones) one year though." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"Wow Linda, you really know the (Pete) Hertel side of the family! I'm aware that Pete & Wendell moved cattle back/forth between mtns and Calhan. Wendell's daughter Lynn Hertel has shared some storied with me. I'd love to hear more from you. I have vague memories as a boy riding out to view pastures with Pete & my Dad while visiting the mtns. Based on what you mentioned, I bet that was Keystone!" - Dave Hertel

"I built Bo's store on the side of Frisco Drug" - Rod Jobman

"Rod I had forgotten that. I just always remember Judy working at Pete's and you at RJ Auto Parts down at the east end of main along highway 9. Your store has been a pet store for years." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"Funny thing about Bo. We played poker one night a week at my house. Bo always cheated. But we loved him and respected him enough to just go along." - Rod Jobman

"Remember Bo very well. I really miss my tiny town among the mountains!" - Annie McKaig

"Bo Bogan did not become the druggist until the early 70's at the time this photo was taken. Doran "Pete" Hertel was the owner and druggist. Interesting tidbit... that some will remember. Pete had signs that match the one on the side of his building out at the foot of Loveland Pass and beyond leading you to the store." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"I worked for Bo when I was in high school!!!!" - Heather Skufca

"Good ol Bo! He was a nice guy." - Patrick Wilson

"I remember buying milk here in a bottle with the cream floating on top in the 70s. Sami Melillo and I were roommates in Frisco back then." - Georgia Carl Dixon

"Remember it well!!! Had to drive to Leadville or Idaho Springs (before the tunnels) for grocery's." - Murky Fuzwart

"Us to but we went to Kremmling a lot because the old blue jeep did not like the hill to Leadville never saw so many drug signs thou" - Charlie Davis

"My first job too." - Crystal Pasic

"I remember Pirate Pete's Place" - Jeannie Hayes Bain

"That's Pirate Pete to you!! I say that with love my heart. I went in to Bo with a nasty cold. He said, "Do you want an expectorant? Expect your uncle, too?" What a wonderful man." - K Blanch Emore

"Frisco department store!! Pirate Pete.." - Tammy Campbell

"I worked for Pete when I was in high school " - Belinda Kalar Minerich

"I helped myself to a pocket knife when i was in grade school my mom busted me had to take it back to pete and tell him i was sorry,he was cool about it" -

"In 1964 Randall Ellis and I decided we would try to 5 finger discount some candy bars. Pete caught us and we were in deep trouble. Parents were called and you can guess the rest. Taught us a good lesson. Pete was a good guy." - Timothy Hinkle

"I remember shopping there when our children were so little that I pulled them in a wagon from our house around the corner. I knew Bo and Pete also. We went to Denver over Loveland Pass every payday for groceries. Happy times." - Nancy Bjornstad

"I remember seeing Santa there when I was young!" - Ben Throckmorton

"I remember being Santa's little helper many times." - Kathy Wells Mulsow

"Went to school in Frisco. 5th grade. Good Times!" - Susan Heeney-Wright

"Exactly what this looked like the first time I arrived in Frisco, in 1967" - Shirley Farris

"Dairy King was owned by My uncle Archie Palmer." - Linda Palmer-Kerbs

"After the Dairy King closed and before it became The Butterhorn It was The Burger House and was owned and operated by a family named Burger. They had 11 children, 12 really but one past away at a very young age. Unheard of really even back then." - Linda Gilmer Polhemus

"And that would be me, Marilyn Burger, my dad ran the burger house in the 70's....lots of memories" - Marilyn Burger

"I used to work for the Bell's at Dairy King in the early 70's." - Sami Melillo

"My first job was at the Dairy King when I was 14 years old." - Marka Wellington

"My first job was at the Dairy King also, along with Marka." - Joyce Hammond Wilbanks

"Juicy Burgers!!" - Doug Yeager

"I loved those." - Marka Wellington